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Product Review: Leef iBridge

Leef iBridge – The simplest way to get your iPhone pictures to and from a jump drive.

How It Works:
The Leef iBridge works when paired with the Leef iBridge app in the App Store. Once you have that downloaded, you can use the iBridge to transfer photos and other files to and from your iPhone.

“When do you use it?”
I mostly use this product when I want to print pictures out at the store. It’s always a hassle to plug in my iPhone with the charging cord because I end up having to wait forever for thousands of pictures to load when I really only want to print a few. And connecting via the kiosk wifi only works for me about 1% of the time. Now that I have my iBridge, I simply plug it into my phone, open the app, and move the photos I want to print from my iPhone to my iBridge. Then, I can work the photo kiosk as if I were plugging in any jump drive and it works perfectly and saves me so much time!

Another time I have used the iBridge is to clear up space on my phone’s storage. You can get an iBridge with all the way up to 256GB, so there should be plenty of room for all of your photos!

Pricing ranges from $54.50 (16GB) to $349.00 (256GB). At the time of this article, price ranges are cut to $35 to $250.00.

Where To Get It:
You can get the Leef iBridge from or on Amazon.

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